Friday, March 10, 2006

Clear Cool Waters

The little online news site is rocking.
The other, new job, it's coming along, really, it is, I'm getting there.
This week was a bit of a blow-out, but hey thats ok.
The legal stuff is winding through the system and thats ok too.
It is what it is.
The kid is about to embark on his last spring break of his high school life. Whoa. He had one solid audition this week, and one that he didn't get to because of communication breakdown around everybody, and I mean everybody, but hey,
it happens, no biggie. ah, and that B on the science test, well, if he keeps that up, year-end
marks are going to rock, maybe he can get some of those 'smartie-pants' scholarships.

My house is a bit dusty, bunnies under the chairs and stuff, I really don't care
so much and thats a very good thing.
I still feel like my nine year old company was crumpled up like a bit of garbage and
tossed, I'll just have to work with that.

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