Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Sneaking Serpent.....

We know you read this. We know what you do almost every minute of your day, and we know the hell you live in each night.

Hungry clouds hang over your shoulder, the warmth of the sun runs from you in the purest form of repulsion.

You are a fool, you do not see what wise people see.

The hours of your folly are measured by the clock.

Those who knew, their hours of wisdom, no clock can measure.

We made the choice to keep you on the outter edges of our circle during a period of time that was required, we and wise ones watched you perform.

Legions of people surrounded us, giving us strength, protecting us from your scurge.
They knew. We knew.

Look into the eyes of those who you meet each day, if you can, they visit you for a reason.
They enter into your relm for a purpose. You have no protection from those spirits.

You have been and will continue to inflict punishment on yourself.
You know that.
You have attempted to run from it, you can't. It is your own hell, you own it, you created it and nothing can undue it.

You are gone now. You will live with the demons you created as will the few who walk with you.

We are thankful you are no longer required to be at the edges of our world.

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