Sunday, February 19, 2006


Batcaves have come a long way baby.

I was fortunate to have grown-up with hidey-holes and hidden passages in various homes I lived in. Buildings I frequented such as my high school, the local library and of course, church had more elaborate and larger areas. I would sit in a room, or walk through a building with an eye-out, seeking a crack, a crevice, something ajar. An odd corner, an out-of-place bit of something that would lead to my quest, the hidden passage.

You can’t imagine, and I can’t explain, the thrill when I would discover one. I would explore the find, I would look at each square inch and I would imagine why, who, when and how. Sometimes I would find another passage within a passage, these places usually had ‘things’ in them. Books, sometimes boxes with letters, pins, postcards, old pictures.
Most of these buildings were built in the 1800's, I was amazed, and the sophistication was pretty cool.
My enthrallment with this type of architecture led me to create my own batcaves such as forts in the snow complete with tunnels.

What a pleasant surprise to trip over this little corner of the net and a forgotten corner of my youth.

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