Sunday, January 01, 2006

The police took my car last night.

I know!


Miss capital R, for responsible?

The designated driver for life?

The one who makes sure every single little itty bitty detail is taken care for:
trips, concerts, brunch, lunch, munch, tea party, garden party, toga that ALWAYS goes naked party, surfing, turfing.....ok, you get the picture.


Last night.

The Police took my car away.

It went like this.

Myself, friends and I, we went to the hockey game (yah!!!woot! we won A-FREAK'N-GAN. Thats 12 in a row, number 4 in Canada..we SOOOOOOO rock!)
Ohkay. So. Lots of nice Police at the game, most of whom, I personally know.
You know, well enough to put out my hand, say Happy New Year, hows is your wife? and those darling children (not), please bring them in to see Indy soon, he adores them, etc. etc.
Oh, 1,900 people at the game. I knew 1,800 of them.


Miss R here, says, to group "ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT", "we are leaving 10 minutes before game done...I'm so not getting MY CAR dented, smashed and what-not by the 1,700 drunks in here. ", a grumble from somewhere...


The game? it was tied-up. everyone looks at me...

"what now"?, I'm like, "of course we stayyyyy"


Our team un-tied it, we.....leave, before the 1900 people.

All smart and happy with myself. I only had ONE drink, beating all the traffic, heading to pick up my Indy and over to friends for cheer and munchies.


I no soon pull out, get onto the road heading home, someone in the back seat announces, "um...there is a police car right behind you". "thanks, nothing like making me nervouse".

no biggie I figure. driving along...and WHAM !!!! FREAKING WHAM!!!!

Lights going, sirens full on, SOMEBODY from the backseat says, "were you speeding? were you speeding"???

My girlfriend in the front seat, she's yelling no! not! she was driving perfect!

racing through my head...what the hell did I do???

and so. We sit. On the side of the road, New Years eve....waiting.

A Police officer comes to my girlfriends side of the window, knocks on it.
I'm thinking huh?
Then the knock on my window.
I'm thinking 'oly shit, we are flanked by cops.

The guys in the back? not a fucking peep out of them. Go figure.

So, my friend and I roll down our windows.

Police says to me, "drivers license please"
I'm trying to get a look at the guy to see if I know him, it's dark, raining, lights flashing...couldn't see him.

He says:
"Your signals aren't working". I said "my signals aren't working? are you sure"?

He says, "no, no, you have no insurance".
I am silent.
I'm thinking. ok. he said. no signals, I'm certain of that and I know I have signals, my car (my baby) is fairly new, goes in for maintenance every 3 months, oil changes, all-points check...(I'll spare you the list)

no insurance?
no insurance?
how can.

My girlfriend pulls the paperwork from my little insurance kit..guess what?
Insurance ran out November 17, 2005.
My girlfriend pipes up to the officer,
"her Insurance broker is in the car", "he is in the backseat"...the policeman says,
"HE'S NOT VERY GOOD THEN" heeeeeeeeeeee!
(I almost bust)

uh huh.

Policeman says, "this car is not allowed on the road".

"I could, tow the car, write you a ticket"

I'm thinking. yes. you could.

He says, "park it, call a cab and deal with this on Tues."

I'm thinking, it will be dealt with on Sunday, because the insurance guy is in the backseat...there are two guys back there, I know, you wouldn't know it because there isn't a peep coming from back there is there?

"thank you so much officer, thank you thank you, I'll get this taken care of"
I'm thinking my girlfriend and I should dump the putzes in the backseat and show our appreciation to these two fine young officers after their shift is over, give the handcuffs a workout, try the take-down technique (see butt sniffing and free romping blog Dec. 31)........

that little fantasy is interupted by

"do you know how much that ticket is? $575.00", in unison "$575.00"
coming guessed it, the back seat.


get this!

The two guys, in my backseat? get out, go over to the police car, stick their heads in the windows of the cruiser and fucking chat and joke around!!! Fucking men.


Ok. So.
it's my car, my baby..but, since hubby is on the road wayyyyy more than me, he gets to drive the "nice" car.

Yes, the insurance notice thingy would've been mailed to ME, but he drives it.
Everyday. puts miles and miles on my car. and that insurance broker in the backseat? his best friend. uh huh. putzes.

WHO? WHO is the one that should make sure the sticker, insurance sticker is up-to-date?

Hit me baby. Tell me.

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Anonymous Leemer said ... (3:39 PM) : 

I'd give the responsibility to a midget. Why not?


Blogger Bonnie said ... (5:21 AM) : 

You reeeeeaaaaalllly know how to have fun!


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