Monday, January 02, 2006

Monday by a technicality

I named all the cars I have owned.
A Ghia, a standard, I learned to drive in, her name was Rosebud. I also learned how to fix each one of the cars I owned. I did enjoy it, and, I never had any money for repairs. And so. My love afair with cars began at the age of 15.

My luck with Monday's has been, bad.
I wonder, if, today being a holiday, and a Monday by a technicality, if it will be a better Monday?

Floods. (cross your fingers, heading into the office to survey....see, the 'office' is right on a river, and, we've had a butt-load of rain in the past 10 hours, with a 12 foot tide. Oh, the tide? a river on one side and yes, the ocean on the other side of that. This Aries is surrounded by water)
News coverage.
The publisher, he asked, very nice-nice, if I would go out this morning and get pictures.
So. I will.
Coffee and then I'll head out into the aftermath.

Listening to:
Wedding Song by Tracy Chapman
The Big Lie by Gigolo Ants
Touching Down by Billionare

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