Monday, December 12, 2005

Very Very Fine House

My house. Built in 1936.

I know.

I know because we found newspapers between the old growth Douglas Fir floor and the shiplap, announcing Emilia Earhart was missing.
My family and I are the 3rd owners.
The first owner, a doctor, his wife and their two little girls.
I now sleep in the same bedroom as those little girls did.
The attic.
The second owner, Mrs. M. McLean. She sold it to my family and I, because she was going into a care home. At the time she was 103. Mrs. McLean is now 105, spry and as with it as any 70 year old I know.
We painted, re-did floors, counters, Martha stuff.
I love my house. I love living in my house.
It had a happy feel to it when we first looked at it.
It still does.

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