Sunday, December 25, 2005

Thank you Michael Mann

Michael Mann was Cody's teacher for one week - Eat, sleep and breath - 24/7 filmwork, I'm not kidding, it was intense for the kid. (and the best 24/7 days for the brat I might add)

While Cody was working with Michael, as 16 year-olds will do, he was snooping.
...and found these books amongst Michaels junk.

Cody: "hey Michael, what are these"
Michael: "hey Cody, outta my shit and uh, read those"
Cody: "ok"

Ever since. Cody: "mum, I want"

I had a hell'va time finding them, but I did, and Cody's library of this author is now two.

oh, and...the entire day, Christmas Day, Cody spent on his bed....reading.

Merry Christmas.

**Listening to: On The Turning Way - Pink Floyd

and so, I emailed Michael to thank him for inspiring the lad.

Michael emailed this back:
Hi Susan,
Thanks for passing on the words.
I think whenever you give someone a gift that inspires them to spend the day
imagining that is money well spent.
I am thinking that brat is Cody right?...he worked with jamie on a pho
documentary on Snowboarding right?
Well he was a great kid really excellent to work with and very excited about
what he was up doubt this is a result of the encouragement you have
given him as a parent...When I checked out his web site I thought...damn this
kid is up to more than many twice his age....and this is due to having really
cool people in his life who believe in him and make sacrifices for him.

I know that my parents did these things for me and I think that is one of the
things that keeps me going as an artist and a teacher.

Your e-mail made my day and was one of the best gifts I got this christmas.
I am really glad that he got inspiration from the books I makes
lugging about 50 lbs of heavy art boosk to galiano worthwhile

cheers and I hope this year brings you exactly what you need.
all the best
Michael A. Mann

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