Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I was reminded today.

I was reminded today that I was a scientist for 5 some odd years of my adult life.
(I was one from the age of one to 11 as well)

I used specific methods to determine results. ; correlational, casual comparative, ethonographic, historical and survey.

An example of one type of work I did. Dendrochronolgy ends with the date of the tree.
In my case, the trees I was dating, (yes, I dated trees, what can I say? *shrugs* I was ugly)
were trees that were used by the First Nations.

So, not only were these trees, typically old, in many cases, there were identifying marks on the tree that would lead one to believe it was a tree used for canoe building, medicine, and so-on. After the tree is dated, the use or uses would be determined, usually, that is where that would end.
These trees are called Culturally Modified Trees, CMT.
(ah ha! Wikipedia dosen't have that one! *nah na na nah na nah*)
A dot on a map, sometimes the tree flagged so loggers would know not to chop it down, and thats that.
I did the research to find out who, exactly (well, never exact, impossible, but as close as I could) who used that tree, when, why, how, and for what.
In some cases, I even got to take the relatives of those who used the trees (long since passed-on) to those very trees and show them what their ancestor did. That was the most amazing part of my job.
*nods* I know, very cool.
One young man, his great great grandfather was likely the one who used a particular tree, he cried when he stood at the base of it.
Then he imagined what it was like, imagined what this ancestor was doing. (the tree was used for a canoe).
This tree was just in the tree-line off a first beach. To get to that tree from land, you had to pass over the dried up lake. The lake dried up because, a warring tribe (some ten thousand years ago), had filled the feeder streams with the dead bodies of the warriors. Not only did the salmon die, but the village was in danger of loosing it's easy-catch food source making life that much more difficult. To this day the elders speak of the time surrounding that lake, the tunnels between their village and the village of those they were at war with. How they wiped out that other village, and that tribe became extinct. Although, they believe there is one family left, originating from that tribe.

I was a scientist and I loved it.

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Anonymous Leemer said ... (6:52 PM) : 

I found this entry extremely interesting... Really. Honest.


Blogger Xxaatm said ... (9:01 AM) : 

I'm in touch with my geeky-ness, you should be too.
Well, your geeky-ness, not mine.


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