Friday, December 16, 2005

I love December. Nevermind Christmas.

I was working on a trail project on an island that is 8 miles by 10 miles in the middle of the ocean.
A six month project, in the wild, in the woods. 10 days in. 4 days out.

To make a long story short, I found out, at the age of 37, that I was deathly alergic to the buzzers. I stepped into a in-the-ground nest. Was bit three or four times.

A fella that was with me, GPS guru to map the trail, he freaked.

As did I.

I gave him instructions on how to cut open my throat so I could breath.

Then, the chopper showed up and pulled me off the beach.

The chopper arrived because one of the kids, he ran 2 k, in 10 minutes to the closest vhf radio, that barely worked, but the Coast Guard heard,

Saved my life.

I don't have to worry about the little buzzers in December.

Oh and those neat little kits, might not work if I get bit again.

Winter is so comforting.

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