Sunday, December 11, 2005

Canine Capers

This is Indy.
He is 2 years old, weighs 28 lbs and he is medium size.
I adopted him from the SPCA (animal shelter) just over one year ago.
He wiggled his way into my heart the second I laid eyes on him.
Indy is a special blend; part corgie, part chow and part golden lab.

One hour before guests are to arrive at my perfectly spit and polished, beautifully decorated home for our annual Christmas gathering.
I'm ready. Bring 'em on. I beat Martha Stewart hands down.

Dog fed and ready for his walkies.
Non-Pack-Leader (that would be the husband) leashes him up and looks forward to a nice long crisp walk with my dog.

A short time later, my 17 year-old comes running into the house yelling "gross, gross!!" with his arms held out from his body. He flys into the bathroom.

I'm in shock. My bathroom and the words gross? oh oh.

Next, in comes my dog, my baby.

I take one look at him, sniffed, and wondered.
Easier to clean dog poop off the dog or blood of the non-pack-leader from the walls?

Guests about to arrive, a dog covered in poop, a 17-year-old in the bathroom and a husband who is saying his last prayer.

It is exactly moments like these why I pay the groomer just a little bit more I remind my husband. He gets on the phone and sure enough, the Purple Paw saves the day!

The party went off smashingly, the 17 year old recovered and the dog is happier than a pig in ....well you know.

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