Thursday, December 29, 2005

Beat by a girl. Sort of.

Cody was 10, he had his own radio show.


Every Saturday morning at 9:45 a.m. he would head down to the local, full-on commercial radio station; wade through the beer bottles from the Friday night show-gang, clear away the ciggie butts from the booth, wipe down the boards, fetch the news feed and flip the switch.

Bust-A-Groove it was called.

On air 4-hours and it was great.

He had full control of his show, did his own thing. Told 10-year old-boy jokes, grossed out 10-year-old-girls (who, each and every single one from every corner of the world that could, tooned in), made grown women cringe, and men (no way I'm sayin grown) **howl** and spun amazing music from classic rock to alternative. Cody did interviews, his first was Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo. He interviewd Nelly Furtado, Soul Decision, Edwin (the first song he ever spun on air was Another Spin Around the Sun), Nickleback, Tiffany, Jan Arden, and 98 Degrees to name a few.


How many 10 year-old-boys in the world had done that?

Never a record for such a thing said the Guinness peeps.


Cody holds the honor of creating a record, not breaking one, creating one.

Sure, doing what he did, that was cool.


How many people can say, they actually made a record?
Sure, there are records created all the time, elbow licking, largest cloned animal, the longest tongue. blah. blah. *yawn*


They can't take that away, so, technically, not beaten by a girl.

Cody held the record he created for 6 years.

And. Media loved him. CBC, CTV, CHUM, MUCH, MTV to music awards like The JUNO's, he was invited. Roots was right there making sure his ass was class. Mike Bullard invited Cody as his guest...guess who took control of that interview? yup.

Cody's record will be there, forever, to be broken time and again.
Broken record.

Girl? Kimberly Perez.
She is 5 and broke Cody's record this year.

Oh. and.

Cody signed off the air one year ago this January 2006.

A six-year veteran.

Will he return? (he's now 17)
Who knows.

(the reason for the post? People were asking if he was still the record holder. And. Who is he to me? Cody is my baby.)

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Anonymous Leemer said ... (6:45 PM) : 

What a great story... and the only reason I was wondering was because I was looking for the link on the Guinness site to direct people to from my blog.

I'm going to change the link, now, though to this entry.


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